Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Felt Bug Sculpture Review after a month of being Crafty Bug Lady (and what I have used the bugs for so far)

Last month I created the Crafty Bug Lady business to explore insects, bugs and other mini-beasts using felt sculpture.  After a month, I wanted to review the bugs I have created and how I have thought about using these creations.

Firstly to the rogues gallery.  So far I have created three Brown Ants, an Australian Huntsman Spider, an Australian Redback Spider, a Honey Bee and a Monarch Butterfly.  

The challenges I am working to overcome with each iteration include: the trade-off between ultra thin and yet strong enough limbs, the creation of satisfactory faces, antennae and eyes, the choice of embroidery stitch to use in each form, the type and thickness of felt, whether to include needle felting, and pushing the boundaries of size.

As each iteration is developed and because they are all so new, I have been using the finished items in a couple of ways.  I have photographed the works as well as my humble skills allow, I have used these photographs in creation of fabric design on Spoonflower, and on finished item design on Redbubble.  I have also listed finished sculptures for sale on Madeit. I am tracking the views each of the designs gets in each location as a way of getting feedback on the development. I will report the results once I have a bit of meaningful data to work with.

I am a bit apprehensive (and always have been) about using social media to promote myself.  I feel like I am being pushy when  create things and ask for feedback, but equally, the feedback is wonderful to guide development.

From my own point of view, my favourite item to date has been the Redback Spider, but the butterflies wings just look so nice up close. 

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